Step By Step Breakdown Of How To Apply For Workers’ Compensation

Interviewer:  What's the first step someone should do when they apply for workers compensation?

Kevin Roach:  The first thing you should do is report your injury to your supervisor.  If you have reason to believe that they are not reporting it or not providing you treatment, then you need to contact an attorney immediately. What I see over and over again is employers giving injured workers the run around. They don't report their injuries or they do report their injuries and then they don't provide proper medical treatments.

Insurance Companies are Notorious for Assigning Conservative Doctors to Workers’ Compensation Claims

In Missouri insurance companies are notorious for sending workers’ compensation claims to conservative doctors. These doctors don’t always provide proper treatment or are very slow to provide it.  People need to realize that these doctors work for the insurance company and are often dependent on this work.  If these doctors are quick to order expensive diagnostic test like an MRI or quick to order a surgery they probably won’t get many referrals.  I am familiar with many of these so called doctors in the St. Louis and can help my clients who have St. Louis workers’ compensations claims

You Should Consult With a Missouri Work Injury Attorney Before Reporting an Injury

Interviewer:  What if I am fearful of what my employer’s reaction is going to be when I report my injury. Can I consult with an attorney first?

Kevin Roach:  Absolutely, you have the right to consult with an attorney at any point in the claims process and if you're fearful that your employer is going to retaliate against you, absolutely you should consult with an attorney, it's never a bad idea.

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